Best Abdominal Exercises for Men

There are many men in the world who want to lose belly fat and attain six pack abs. In order to get six pack abs, many people visit gym and work hard where as many of them try working out at home focusing on certain ab exercises. However, the process of developing six pack abs is not that easy. It needs best abdominal exercises to follow and commitment towards your goal of achieving six pack abs.

Before explaining exercises, let me share some important points. It is pretty easy to go off track while working on abdominal muscles because abdominal exercises are bit difficult than the other ones. Moreover, doing sit ups involving only back and shoulders are not going to help. The key requirement is to do abdominal exercises slowly so that the muscles get proper stretching movements. Generally, people tend to do exercises faster because of the pain they face during exercises.

Here are few best abdominal exercises for men, also you can buy a flex belt with the help of flex belt coupon that helps you in strengthening your muscles while doing the following exercises. 

Row Sit Ups

Row sit ups are preferred to be performed using a workout mat in comparison to others which can be done on floor. Here are the steps to perform row sit ups:

  1. First step to perform row sit ups is to lay flat on the floor on your back.
  2. Slowly move the legs and torso in upward direction in such a way that both of them meet at center.
  3. Now, pull the back in the direction of torso.
  4. Repeat this movement in to-and-from direction.
  1. First of all, lie on the back and contract abdominal muscles in such a way that neck is elevated by just couple of inches from ground.
  2. Reverse the action and relax the muscles to allow them to go to their normal position.
  3. However, keep the neck as much steady as possible.
  4. Perform the crunch exercise quite slowly to allow full stretching of muscles.
  5. While contracting abdomen muscles, try to exhale
Crunch is a basic form of abdominal exercise and helps in strengthening stomach muscles.

Body Bicycling

Body bicycling is another form of abdominal exercise and its performance steps are given below:

  1. Lie flat on your back and support your head with your hands by keeping them under your head.
  2. Now, bend your knees towards your chest.
  3. Lift the shoulder blades towards the chest without straining your neck.
  4. In this position, start moving your legs assuming that you are pedaling a bicycle.
  5. During the exercise, try to move the elbows alternatively.
The biggest advantage of this exercise is developing a slimmer belly and also helps in building six pack abs.

Ball Crunches

  1. Lie back on a big exercise ball in a way that it supports your lower back.
  2. Your feet must stick to the ground and in the opposite direction; place the hands behind the head.
  3. Contract abdominal muscles and try lifting the torso in upward direction.
  4. At the same time, pull your rib cage towards the hips.
  5. Make sure that you do not allow the ball to roll around as you curve out.
  6. Now lower your back with stretching your abs. 

Even though this exercise helps abs the most, it gives exercise to entire body.