How To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Out of various physical problems, body fat especially belly fat is the major problem in many. People who have protruding bellies hesitate to socialize because of their shapeless bodies. Most of them try various methods and tips in order to shed the belly fat. However, losing belly fat is not so easy. You should be very determined towards your goal, and follow a strict fitness regimen.

Causes for Belly Fat

Sometimes you may have to struggle with excess body fat even after following a strict diet plan and regular workout regimen. Fried and junk foods, sugary drinks, heavy portions of meals, and high calorie desserts can be the most common reasons for belly fat. In addition to these, sedentary lifestyle as well is another common reason. However, the following aspects can also cause fat or overweight to your body, especially to your belly area.

  • Slowdown in metabolism
  • Lack of proper sleep
  • Menopause
  • Aging
  • Medications
  • And so on

Dangers of Excess Belly Fat

After several years of research and studies, it has been proven that the most dangerous fat stored in our body is belly fat. As more belly fat gets accumulated in your body, you will be at higher risk of health ailments. Following are some of the health risks associated with belly fat:

  • Heart Stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Some sort of cancers
  • Heart related diseases
  • And many more

Basics Of Belly Fat Loss

People tend to get attracted towards highly hyped products such as workout DVDs, food supplements, fat loss pills, and son. However, most of them are not only ineffective, but also can lead to side effects. Following are some basics of belly fat loss that should be included in the fat loss program:

  • 30 minutes workout sessions for at least 5 times a week
  • A strict diet plan that has a daily calorie deficit of about 500 to 700
  • Reduced carbs, specifically simple sugars
  • Proper sleep and relaxation techniques like Yoga

A well-balanced diet plan is a must for healthy and fit body. Most people who are overweight or obese do not like to socialize, and thus prefer staying just at home. They often get irritated with the fact that they do not have a fit and firm body to display in public. 

Many people are not aware that there are many ways that can help them shed excess belly fat and reveal the abdominal muscles. Are you one among them who have been planning to get rid of belly fat and not being successful in achieving the goal? Then you should definitely try The Truth About Six Pack Abs eBook. This book can help you achieve your fat loss goals quickly and effectively.

About The eBook

This eBook is developed mainly to motivate and inspire its readers to achieve a fit and firm body. This is a useful book for both men and women. If you follow the instructions as suggested in the book, you can soon walk around at the beach wearing your favorite tank tops, and reveal your firm and toned belly.  

About The Writer

Truth Abou Abs is a globally hot-selling eBook. It is written by popular fitness expert and dietician Mike Geary. It has gained above 439,000 customers 16 countries till date. The author has issued numerous articles on fitness in above 1300 websites. He is a qualified nutritionist as well as personal trainer, whose expertise is mainly on fat loss and power training techniques.

What Does The eBook Include?

The concepts and techniques explained in the book can be followed for fulfilling both fat loss and body building goals by making some modifications. The program is chiefly designed to deal with belly fat, the most common problem among around the world.
From this book, you will learn different techniques in order to burn the stubborn fat around your belly which is covering your core ab muscles. The eBook provides the detailed information what workouts to perform and what to avoid.

Following are some of the highlighting factors that the author has discussed inside the eBook

  • Detailed information on so called health supplementary foods which are actually nothing but junk foods that will stimulate the users to acquire more belly fat. However, the marketing departments of those companies make false promises just to improve their product sales. 

  • Your diet begins with the items you pick at the supermarket. The author recommends you to go to the store with the full stomach, so that you will not make any impulse buys. Secondly, he asks you to plan for the well-balanced, nutritious meal plan for the entire week, thus you can know well about what to shop and what not to. As a result, you will not end up buying snacks and other junk foods that you do not require. You eat junk foods only when you have them around you, so the best way is to avoid buying them.

  • Information on ineffective workout equipment and workout methods that offer minimal results

  • Many people think that cardio workouts are great and are so effective in achieving belly fat loss and toned abs. But it is not true. They are boring and do not offer effective fat loss and toning results. Author gives various effective workout ideas that you can replace the boring cardio workouts with.

  • There are hundreds of various workouts that you can perform to train your abs, and many people are always in the lookout of fresh ab workouts because they believe that workouts need to be changed in order to achieve affective ab toning results. Mike Geary revealed the truth behind this myth. According to him, you can keep performing the same workouts to achieve effective results. He recommends exercises such as hanging leg raises, reverse crunches, hanging knee raises, stability ball crunches, weighted cable rope crunches, ab wheels, ab scissors, and bench crunches.

  • You do not have to waste your money as well as time on useless and expensive fat loss pills, supplementary foods, and diet programs. The author offers you with the right and effective methods of using natural food items to achieve your belly fat loss goal effectively.

  • Ab rockers and ab belts, or any other such products are just a waste of money. The main key to achieve six pack abs is to follow proper nutritional diet along with regular workout regimen.


The Package Includes

  • The pack includes an eBook consisting of 149 pages that has detailed information on both nutrition and training techniques to help you shed belly fat effectively as well as quickly.

  • A book called “Super Food Fat Loss Recipes” book that include recipes of Healthy Urban Kitchen, which helps you burn belly fat effectively

  • A workout DVD with the program “The Five Keys To Guaranteed Fat Loss” written by Kim Lyon

  • An audio that includes inspiring fitness techniques which make you stay focused and motivated.

  • An exclusive weight loss workout plan of 33 pages by Craig Ballantyne, an expert training. It includes information on effective ab workouts that help you lose belly fat just within your home.

  • One more book written by Cassandra Forsythe and Jayson Hunter which consists of the information on the foods that you should avoid

How To Get eBook?

This eBook is a simple and quick way to acquire your dream ribbed abs. Neither you need to wait too long for the book to arrive to your doorstep, nor do you need to pay extra for shipping charges. You can buy Truth About Abs online from its official website, and download it instantly.

Once the payment is processed and you have downloaded the book, you can save it onto your computer and open it using adobe reader. The book comes in a PDF format. If you do not have adobe reader, download it from adobe’s official site for free.

The download takes hardly a few minutes. You can read it whenever you want. Also, you can take printout of the eBook if you want to own a hardcopy of it.

Truth About Abs Features

  • This eBook is being sold like a hot-cake around the world for several years because of its obvious and effective results. Most of its readers agree that the program concentrates mainly on abs workouts. However, it includes different workout techniques for your whole body to help you transform it to a shapely fit body.  

  • The diet and nutrition part of the eBook is unique when compared to other fitness programs. The eBook does not aim just on calorie count and intake, but also counts the food types you consume.

  • It offers different workout techniques that can help you burn belly fat, as well as explains the benefits of full body exercise techniques. It is helpful for you to improve your metabolism and to eliminate excess body and belly fat.

Truth About Abs Benefits

  • The diet techniques that have been highlighted in the Truth About Abs are simple and easy to implement

  • The book provides detailed information on the workouts to make sure that the reader is not confused about the workout techniques.

  • The workouts included in the eBook can be followed both at home and at the gym.

  • The instant download lets you start implementing the program just the next day on

  • It is very cost-effective

How To Get The Free eReport?

Truth AboutSix Pack Abs provides its users with a free eReport with which they can get various fitness, fat and weight loss tips in order to reach their fitness goals. To get the free report, you have to fill your details in the given form that appears while purchasing the book. The report will be sent to your mail box instantly. It helps you discover:

  • The top heavy body workout
  • 55 best fat loss foods
  • Simple and unique exercise techniques to obtain a lean and sexy physique
  • Some great tips that can help you stop consuming junk and processed foods, which usually lead to fat accumulation

Money Back Policy

Mike Geary is so confident on his program that he is offering 60 days money refund guarantee on the purchase. However, you will not get a chance to use this offer as you will definitely be happy with the offered results. Many readers have conveyed their gratitude to the author through testimonials for helping them to stick to their fitness goals in order to achieve firm, flat and toned abs.


To conclude, if you have been suffering from belly fat and are in the serious lookout to achieve ripped abs, then Truth About Abs is surely the perfect choice you can make. The book is greatly information that it can help you achieve your fat loss aim quicker. The author has offered somewhat fast-to-finish program in the book, which is greatly useful, especially those who lead a busy and sedentary lifestyles.

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