Abdominal Crunch on an Exercise Ball

If you are looking for an easy, yet effective exercising equipments to tone-up your ab muscles, then nothing could be better than an exercise ball. Now, it is scientifically proven that crunches performed on an exercise ball are much more effective than the crunches performed on the floor. The floor crunches uses the legs, owing to which crunches become little easy. However, crunches on a ball require harder workout to boost abs, so amazing results are ensured. In addition, when you are performing crunches on a ball, the entire body involves to get stabilized on the ball, so there is an action for the entire body. Floor crunches are devoid of such a body workout.

The fitness trainers across the globe thoroughly accept that abdominal crunches on an exercise ball improve flexibility, at least 40 times higher than the crunches done without any exercise ball support. Due to this, the fitness ball continues to be among the top 10 fitness equipments. Moreover, crunches on an exercise ball do not spare even the smallest core of the abdominal muscles, due to which effectiveness increases substantially. However, traditional exercises are not that much effective in toning the smaller abs muscles.

However, another exciting advantage of an exercise ball is that, if you are performing crunches on it, you do not feel any pain or stress on the spine, due to the soft surface of the ball. So, the chances of injury during the exercise shrink substantially. So, if you are already suffering from any type of back pains, then perform crunches only on a ball, with the supervision of a fitness trainer. Many a times, floor exercises can cause a sprain to your back. Exercise ball gives a feel that you are not doing any strenuous exercise ad also there is o fear of injury. However, it is a much harder form of exercise than the traditional one. Moreover, abdominal crunches on the exercise ball boost the digestion as well, so your metabolism improves automatically.

Following are the steps to do an abdominal crunch on an exercise ball:
  1. Lie down on the ball; make sure your lower back is resting comfortably on the ball.
  2. Place both the feet on the ground firmly, place both arms behind your head. Raise your torso and stare at the ceiling.
  3. Relax and inhale deeply; and get ready for the crunches.
  4. On exhale, push your torso against the gravity, including the middle and upper abs and let your head follow the chest. Do not pull the head forward forcefully. Instead, let your ab muscles do the work.
  5. As you curl up, make sure there is ample contraction between the ab muscles. Along with this, also make sure that the position of the ball is stable during the entire exercise.
  6. Now, slowly drop your chest and head backwards on the ball. Do not rest for longer. After 3-5 seconds, again curl up your chest with your head and get ready for the next abdominal crunch.
  7. You must repeat the exercise, at least 8-10 times. However, if your body strength permits you to go beyond that, then repeat the exercise as per your stamina.
Abdominal crunches on an exercise ball are a great set of exercise, especially for beginners, as it is less tiring and more fun-filled.